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Senior Grand Final Debate of the Acorn Cup 2013 of the Argentine Debating Association

Universidad de Belgrano on Wednesday, October 30th at 3 PM

Mr . Eric Campbell OBE   chaired the Senior Grand Final Debate of the Acorn Cup 2013 of the Argentine Debating Association and gave out medals to the finalists and to the debaters who represented the country in W.S.D.C.(World Schools Debating Championship)in Turkey and Pan-Americans  in Bermuda this year

ESU Argentina


The Globe Theatre in London
from 7 to 13 August 2011

When in June 2011 my attendance to the Cultural Seminar was confirmed, I knew I was about to take part in one of those extraordinary experiences that have a long-lasting influence in your life. The Scholarship was awarded by the English Speaking Union, a charity that by means of scholarships, bursaries and exchange opportunities provides people around the world with the possibility of exploring the importance of English as a way of global communication through a variety of courses, seminars and other events. The Seminar I attended, "Shakespeare and His Stage", was held at the Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London. Organized by the Globe Education, it gave me and other eighteen Literature and Drama teachers a chance to delve into the Bard's art and times, through a unique first-hand experience of the work of professionals and artists deeply involved in the study and enjoyment of Shakespeare.

The course started with an introduction to Shakespeare's Globe by Patrick Spottiswoode, director of Globe Education, who, as well as giving us a remarkable lecture on several aspects connected to the theatre and to Shakespeare, showed us his true commitment to and passion for the Globe project.

When on the second day of the Seminar we were proposed to look for Shakespeare around London, provided with a map, a guide, our packed lunch and our cameras, we couldn't have felt more enthusiastic. And the truth is that we looked for him and we did find him! On the Plaque which celebrates the site of the first and second Globe theatres, in the Monument at Southwark Cathedral, in the copy of the

ESU Argentina


The Globe Theatre in London
from 7 to 13 August 2011

ESU Argentina Coordinator Mrs Teresa Davis

Winner Mrs. Carina Menan

We are pleased to announce that ESU Argentina has selected Ms.Carina Menán, a brilliant Secondary School Literature Teacher at Colegio Jesús María, to attend the Shakespeare and His Stage, Cultural Seminar for Teachers at Shakespeare´s Globe Theatre in London.  Our proposed candidate, has been accepted by the admission boards at the English Speaking Union headquarters in London and The Globe Theatre. 

Second and third places were taken by Inés Ehrlich from Northland´s and Patricia Ferrero de Shepherd from St. Hilda´s, respectively.

We are also pleased with the reception among member schools of the invitation to participate in such interesting cultural event. They all proposed very good candidates that made for a difficult selection process in which the main criteria stressed the importance given to a direct application of the experience in a secondary school classroom.

Thank you all.

ESU Argentina

Buenos Aires, May 10th, 2011

The English Speaking Union, London, is offering ESU Argentina one scholarship, covering tuition, theatre trips, and accommodation (breakfast included) to attend a week-long Shakespeare Seminar which will be held at The Globe Theatre in London from 7 to 13 August 2011.

ESU Argentina will cover the airfare Buenos Aires London Buenos Aires.   

Experienced secondary school Literature teachers at member schools will be able to apply and, if chosen, attend a week of Shakespeare plays, lectures, discussions, and workshops devised and delivered by Shakespearian experts. Attached you will find information about this extraordinary opportunity.

Please, go to for last years´s report, programme and new application form and do not hesitate to contact me for further information.
Deadline for applications: Friday 27th May 2011 will be received at
Please encourage your teachers to apply

Teresa Davis
Executive Committee

Aplication Form 2011.doc
Guidelines 2011




Report on Shakespeare Cultural Seminar

When you receive a gift wrapped up in beautiful paper and with a fancy ribbon, your heart starts beating faster with anticipation. And as you begin unwrapping it, your mind takes you to unexpected places wondering about what will actually be inside. And you are full of joy.
This is just what happened to me as the Globe Cultural Seminar began to unfold. The first encounter at the entrance of Bankside House and the short walk to The Globe Theatre with thirty delegates from all over the world already was promising. There we were, people from places as remote and exotic to one another as Tajikistan, Moldova, Serbia, Iceland or Latvia, speaking with different accents and brought together by our mutual love of Shakespeare and our keen desire to find out more. Well, we were not disappointed. The Seminar simply outdid our wildest fantasies.
Patrick Spottiswoode, with his wit and enthusiasm,  took us in a journey of boldness, perseverance and tenacity as he told us the story of how Sam Wanamaker had managed to get The Globe rebuilt and then walked us through the streets of Southwark where we relived Shakespeare’s times and circumstances. He also showed us how the Great Bard became a true “wordsmith” and managed to convey the sounds of human emotion in a language that consisted mainly of short words and that was considered “rude” at the time.   
Glyn MacDonald, with her warmth and unparalleled energy, taught us the magic involved in playing the one instrument we should all know how to play: ourselves. Her insightful views on reflexes, archetypes, circles and elements will no doubt help us stay tuned and play ourselves so that we evolve and allow the sixth sense evaluate the information that all the other senses are giving us.

Yolanda Vazquez playfully “moved” us through all the secrets of the iambic pentameter, feminine verse and the trochaic in a skillful combination of games, chants and hakas. Jenny Tiramani unraveled the mysteries of Elizabethean dress and costume while Stewart Pearce and Giles Block disentangled the alchemy of voice and how not to trip on the tongue for us. And just so that we would be completely bewitched, we were also let into the secret life of The Globe as Bryan Paterson took us on a backstage tour and showed us through the marbled heaven to the hollow cell.
But there was more to come. The wonderful dinner at Dartmouth House, which we shared with ESU delegates from the International Relations Summer Conference, was preceded by James Bisgood’s stunning display of musical instruments and his fascinating performance of the music of the time. Then, after the warm welcoming words by ESU Director General Michael Lake, we presented them with our own simple but heart-felt gift by reciting Romeo and Juliet’s sonnet in different languages.
The week was crowned by the three magnificent performances we were invited to: Henry VIII, Henry IV Part 1 and The Merry Wives of Windsor. It is difficult to describe in words the experience of being a groundling: standing so close to the stage, letting the actors walk past you or even holding props for them when they require it! Not to mention being sprinkled on and off by the showers of London! It is simply a real taste of the fact that “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely playing.
Anyway, as the Great Bard said “Brevity is the soul of wit”, so I think there is just one more thing left for me to say that sums up this experience: thank you ESU for having given me this amazing gift!!!

Silvia Stagnaro




The Shakespeare Study Course in Stratford-upon-Avon

Mr Jaime Campomar from Hans Cristian Anderson School 

As to Jaime Campomar, I can say that in spite of his youth, he has managed to develop an interesting career in the field of Literature and intertextuality which will be enhanced by attending this Stratford Seminar.He will also be able to share and spread the word at higher education level.
I must add that Jaime is a graduate of the Catholic University in Argentina which is a very active participant in all activities organised by our branch of The English Speaking Union.  “Jaime Campomar who has just returned from the cultural seminar is extremely thankful to ESU for just an amaizing experience.

Shakespeare Study Course a 'Feast of Languages'
16 Aug 2010

This year's ESU Shakespeare Study Course saw 19 delegates from 17 different countries descend upon the bard's birthplace.

Dr Nick Walton, lecturer in Shakespeare Studies at the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust, wrote about his experience of this unique event:

I've just waved goodbye to a remarkable group of people. It is often said that Shakespeare can bring people together - and that has certainly been the case in Stratford over the last week. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of The English-Speaking Union, teachers, theatre practitioners and university students from Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, India, Latvia, Malta, Mauritius, Denmark, Portugal, Russia, Tajikstan, Turkey, and the USA, have had the chance to spend a week immersed in all matters Shakespearian - they have moved from "speaking sugar'd" sonnets, to saucy speculation about Shakespeare's sex life! For some this was their first trip to England, and their visit to his birthplace marked the fulfilment of a lifetime ambition. For others this course provided their first opportunity to hear Shakespeare's plays performed in the English language. And for me, this global gathering represented a rare opportunity to hear first hand about Shakespeare's influence across continents and cultures.  

It is a rare privilege to discuss Shakespeare's works with an audience of this kind. Casual conversation about Shakespeare's plays soon slips into anecdotes about ways in which language, culture, and tradition play a significant role in shaping an individual's response to drama. The RSC's Complete Works Festival in 2006/7 gave me an appetite for global Shakespeare, and I am always excited by news of Shakespearian happenings outside of the UK.   Each delegate comes with a story about how he or she was introduced to Shakespeare and perhaps more importantly an idea of how they wish to inspire and excite the next generation of readers and theatregoers. We can all learn such a great deal from one another through conversation - "only connect..." as E.M. Forster wrote.   

One of our guests this week was Sava Dragunchev from Bulgaria. Sava is a company actor at Bulgaria's National Theatre which was founded in 1904. Sava has recently played the role of the King in Love's Labour's Lost, and is currently performing in a production of King Lear. The production has a renowned Bulgarian actor in the title role, and at the age of 81 this performer is the true embodiment of Lear's ‘four score' king. The play is performed against a backdrop of metal walls, lending the production a tough, unsettling atmosphere. Naturally Sava was interested to hear about the RSC's current production of the play, and it was interesting to compare some of the choices the two companies have made for major scenes.  

Thank you to all of the members of this year's international delegation - it was a pleasure and a privilege to spend time in your company, share in your stories, and learn from your experiences of working with Shakespeare in 'a feast of languages'. You will be missed, but hopefully we will meet again. 

ESU Argentina



Dear Colleague,

The English Speaking Union, London, is offering ESU Argentina a scholarship, covering tuition, theatre trips, and accommodation (breakfast included), to attend a week long Shakespeare Study Course which will be held in Stratford-upon-Avon, from Sunday, 3 August to Saturday, 9 August 2008.  ESU Argentina will not be able to cover the cost of the return flight, Buenos Aires-London.

Participants will atend a week of Shakespeare plays, lectures, discussions, and workshops devised and delivered by Shakespearian experts. Please, go to for last years report and programme.

This scholarship is open to ESU Member Schools, directed specially to experienced Literature Teachers, Argentine born, who have an up-to-date passport.  To apply,  please send:

  1. A covering letter explaining your interest and suitability for this scholarship.
  2. Your C.V.
  3. A letter of recommendation from your Head Teacher, i.e. the person who represents the interests of your school vis-à-vis the ESU.
  4. An additional letter  of recommendation from a senior teacher or tutor who is aware of your special professional capabilities.

The information requested above should be posted to:

Sra.Teresa Davis
Cerrito 1514, 1A
1010 Buenos Aires

The closing date for all applications received at the above address is May16th, 2008.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from your school.

Malcolm J. Rodman
Chairman ESU Argentina
The Executive Committee

ESU Argentina


Shakespeare and his Stage

Oriel College, Oxford

Florencia Perduca
- Cultural Seminar Report
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Natalia Galarce
- Stratford 2007
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Maria Cecilia Pena Koessler
- Shakespeare's Cultural Seminar at The Globe Theatre, London, August 2007
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Ivana Gambarrutta
- Shakespeare's Cultural Seminar at The Globe Theatre, London, August 2006
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Sra Martha D'Adamo
- Shakespeare's Cultural Seminar at The Globe Theatre, London, August 2005
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Florencia Agrasar
- Shakespeare's Cultural Seminar at The Globe Theatre, London, August 2004
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Shakespeare's  ESU Cultural Seminar at The Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's Cultural Seminar
- Programme for the seminar
[View Programme]

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