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Capitol Hill Program

This program offers Argentine students of political sciences, international relations and law the possibility of spending a few months in Washington, D.C., working as interns at the US Senate. It was first put in place in 2008.

Patricio Abal, a law student from Universidad Católica Argentina (and a high school graduate from Holy Trinity School, Mar del Plata) was chosen as the best candidate to represent ESU Argentina at the very first round of the program.

Michael R. Rattagan

The Capitol Hill program is a joint initiative between the Argentina and the United States chapters of the ESU. The program consists in having students spend a few months as interns in a congressional office in Washington, D.C. Students normally come from different academic backgrounds (mainly political sciences, law or international relations) and all share a real interest in the intricacies of politics.

Interns work side by side with congressional staffers doing research and drafting memoranda projects as well as in providing services or feedback to constituents. The position requires candidates to be up to date with current US and international events, have excellent communication and socializing skills and be ready to work hard. Interns are often asked to draft memos that are read by a U.S. Senator or to help in writing letters to concerned constituents.

As a member of a congressional office interns are immersed in the world of special interests, lobbying and negotiations.

The experience not only happens inside the doors of a Senate or House office. Washington D.C. is a city rich in all sorts of social happenings. On any given day, interns may attend a briefing, conference or reception revolving around any topic currently being discussed in the public arena.

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