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“I believe the English-Speaking Union is making a very important contribution to global peace and understanding by helping across the world to communicate in a common language.
Quick and easy communication is vital in the resolution of conflict, and it also plays a prominent part in economic and social development.”
President, HRH The Prince Phillip
Duke of Edinburgh KG KT.

The English-Speaking Union is an independent, non-political, educational charity with members throughout the UK, the USA and the rest of the world. Its purpose is to promote international understanding and human achievement through the widening use of the English language throughout the world.

Central to the purpose of the English-Speaking Union today is the recognition that the English language offers people of different races and cultures a means of shared communication. English is spoken by over one billion people worldwide and has become the international language of business, travel and technology. The ESU supports a range of activities that enhance the effective use of the English language.

Lord Watson, ESU Chairman
Mrs Valerie Mitchell OBE, Director-General
Many scholarships and exchanges are sponsored by the ESU, providing the opportunity for study both in the UK and overseas.

The ESU is a membership organisation with branches throughout the UK and groups active in over forty countries worldwide. The ESU is based at Dartmouth House which acts as the international headquarters.


  • Promote English in international public speaking and debate for the support of worldwide communication and dialogue
  • Encourage the enjoyment and constructive use of English through educational programmes
  • Provide a forum for international friendship through our support of the worldwide network of ESUs and the provision of secretariat facilities for the International Council at our headquarters at Dartmouth House, London
  • Initiate and administer international youth exchange and work experience schemes
  • Focus on key current affairs issues through regular international conferences, seminars and meetings
  • Provide and create cultural activities
  • Facilitate and assist the establishment and recognition of ESUs worldwide
  • Ensure the coordination and coherence of our activities through the skill and dedication of our staff and voluntary helpers
  • Rely upon the enthusiasm and support of all our members
  • Work in close and innovative partnership with our corporate members and sponsors
The English-Speaking Union Argentina Executive Committe
Honorary Chairman
. Ambassador  Shan Morgan
Honorary Founding Member
. Mabel Mazzini MBE
Honorary Member
. British Council Huw Jones
Deputy Chairman
. Dr. Roberto Aras
. Malcolm J. Rodman
Honorary Member
. David Ian Martin OBE
Honorary Treasurer
. Felipe Zabalsa
Honorary Secretary
. Teresa Canas de Davis
Board of Governors
. Margarita Broqua
. Susana Cravino
. Litty Mora
. Cecilia Perdomo de  Rodman

. Johanna Richardson
. Ricardo Barreiro
. Ian Tate
. Eric Campbell OBE


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The English-Speaking Union of Argentina
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